Educational Material

Download materials in English

Below you will find the developed and tested educational material at 2 courses in the 4 different countries.

The English version is the Master – the Basic Manual. As you will see the Master is structured in 7 modules.

To all modules you finds the information provided – presented and discussed with the senior learners as power points.

To all power points you will find a Teacher Guide. The Teacher Guide contain suggestions of what could be said according to the individual power point in the module.

All the national versions – the national educational material were developed based on the Master, by inspiration of the Master and adapted to the different national contexts and to the profile of the senior learners.

In case their were similar national information – statistics it was decided by the national operator either to replaced or to expand and nuance the existing information in the Master version.

All the national adapted educational programs were presented and tested at 2 courses, having a duration of 12 to 16 lesson.

Even though the language will challenge most looking into the different adapted national versions, we believe you might find inspiration for your local and national adaptation.

The courses received a very similar positive evaluation in all 4 countries. More than 90% of the 129 participants in all four countries expressed that; “they have experienced a course which such a high quality that they strongly would recommend friends and relevant family members to join a similar course”.

We believe it shows that the developed content of the Master in English is of such quality and contain a material easy to adapt cross border, easy to take ownership of and to be used by teachers cross border and of interest and relevance to senior citizens cross borders.