About the project

The project named; Better Preparation for Senior Life (BEPRESEL)
was based on an idea founded and developed by AOF Skanderborg and SOSU Østjylland, Denmark.
It was implemented during the period 1st of October 2017 to 30th of September
in cooperation with partners from Italy, Poland and Slovenia.
The project has produced and tested 5 Intellectual outputs all presented on this page.

  1. The Senior health Curricula.
    • The basic educational material to perform a Senior health course of 12 to 16 lessons, including testing 8 physical competences.
    • The belonging educational material and teaching guidelines.
    • An interactive tool to profile seniors’ status regarding the 8 physical competences.
    • A protein calculator
    • A calorie calculator
  2. A Senior Pedagogical curriculum for educating and prepare volunteer seniors to perform or take active part in performing the Senior Health Course.
  3. The Strategy. Document containing different reflections and ideas how to reach the very diverse target group.
  4. A Concept to present very shortly the idea of initiating the initiative aiming A Better Preparation of Seniors for Senior life.
  5. This platform to present all the other products and more.

The courses were announced and implemented during spring and pre-summer 2019. The courses were evaluated very positive by the 129 senior citizens, participating in the courses in four countries.