Pedagogical Curricula Peer to Peer

The project partnership believes very much in the Peer-to-Peer effect, when it comes to educate and discuss senior life issues and senior life perspectives with a senior audience.

At the same time we all have to be very much aware, that it is a serious and sensitive subject to educate and discuss this kind of senior life aspects with seniors. To many senior citizens, it might be provocative and difficulty to accept, when their personal assumptions and believes about the ageing process challenged. To many senior citizens it might be very difficult to accept they have a personal responsibility to act to maintain their independent way of living.

It is of course very important that the lessons and the different subjects are performed with a high standard of credibility and performed respectfully.

Using senior teachers has to be implemented on a solid background. Future providers of senior courses like the BEPRESEL course, involving prepared and trained senior teachers have to make sure that the senior teachers adheres to the scientific based facts as they are presented in the material. That the senior educators don`t bring in their private views on ageing process and private experiences about the ageing process.

The BEPRESEL project has developed a Pedagogical Curriculum, how we believe volunteer seniors can and should be prepared to take part in performing courses focusing on maintaining physical strength during ageing period.