Counting Proteins

It was not a part of the planned project outcomes, but inspired by the calorie calculator, the Danish senior learners asked for a similar systematically tool to register and check whether their intake of protein was in good balance.

Guide to Counting daily number of intake Proteins:

Activate the image of the excel.

You type the number of the individual products you eat or drink during one day in the green column.  300 gram is typed as 3.

In the orange column you type the number of proteins per 100 gram as it is informed and written on the package of the product.

You may of course delete and change the name of different articles and replace them with food articles more relevant to you.

At the end of day you will be able to read the your daily intake of proteins at the top of the day. At the very top you will be able to read the final outcome of the week.

Type some figures to see how it works.

Register and measure your intake during a week or even better during 2 weeks and you will have a quite good signal of your balance.

Activate the images.