The Strategy contain and present: 

A number of ideas how to reach out and motivate the very diverse group of senior citizens to sign and join a course like the BEPRESEL course. Senior citizens are perhaps even more different compared to other socio groups of citizens. It will require patience and many different approaches and different initiatives to reach them all, to convince them all and to motivate them all to join a BEPRESEL course. In the Strategy we present our ideas and reflections how to make a successful reach out for further reflections and more ideas.

Reflections and cost benefit calculations. In the Strategy we present some financial perspectives offering this kind of course to seniors for free by the end-payer of the care and nursery later in life. It is and will be good business.  The socio economical groups in need of most care and nursery later in life – are probably also the groups where the fee will be the biggest barrier for their participation.

Some general reflections why the previous concept of Active Ageing hasn’t delivered according to the political expectations, when Active Ageing was launched and implemented more than 40 years ago in the first EU member countries.