Senior Health Profile

The BEPRESEL project have developed a model to collect and visualize the test results ongoing; The Senior Health Profile.

The model is an interactive excel, collecting the test results of 8 physical areas – identically to the 8 main areas of focus in the educational program.

It has, without any doubt, a huge positive impact on senior citizens motivation to start maintaining or improving their physical competences to be tested and have accurate figures for their present status.

The first figure contribute to a better understanding of the knowledge, presented in the lessons, when it suddenly becomes very personally. Having test result no 2 means – that it is suddenly possible to make a line.

A line pointing upwards, or a line showing status quo or a line pointing downwards. At this time, it becomes very clear to all most all seniors what it is all about for real.

The profile works like following.

Print the result of the individual tests, where it is marked – 1 test for each a4 page – and the result will show as a bar chart. After each test, (we suggest tests offered every 6 to 12 month) the Senior Health Profile are printed or saved at senior’s pc. We believe, it is good to hand over the profile in a paper version. It is good for the memory and the motivation to have once result visible and close by in daily life – pinned up at the refrigerator. It also create questions from visitors and a good talk about maintaining once strength in later life.